Together we can help prevent cyber fraud

We are constantly monitoring our cyber security policies to ensure that both we, and our clients remain cyber safe. We need your help to ensure that your information and funds remain secure.

What we do to help prevent cyber fraud

  • If we email instructions to you to transfer funds into a specific account, we will verify these instructions by phone to ensure the emailed bank account details are correct before transferring any funds.
  • We confirm that we will not advise you of a change in our bank account details or phone number by email.

Three steps that we recommend that you take to help prevent cyber fraud

As well as the steps we take to keep you safe, there are a few simple steps you can take to protect your information and funds from online criminals.

  • If you receive any emails from us that seem a bit suspicious – do not open or download any attachments. Phone us immediately to let us know.
  • We will never advise you to send funds to an account other than our office account and we will never advise you of a change to our bank account details via email. If you receive an email which appears to be from us about changes to bank account details, do not transfer or send any funds, and phone us immediately.
  • When calling us, always use the phone number you already have for us or the number on our website. Always ask to speak with the person handling your matter. Do not use the phone number on the suspicious email.