Leaving home soon for a gap year? Please read this.

As a mother of a school leaver this year I see many school leavers travelling particularly to the UK to work for a gap year.   With my lawyer hat on I see a need to have a few things in place like:

  • health insurance;
  • a power of attorney – appointing parents to deal with school leaver’s money if need be; and
  • a simple Will – just in case.

There is no automatic right in the UK for the next of kin to make medical decisions if a school leaver over 18 years has been seriously injured and cannot make a decision themselves.   A registered UK lasting power of attorney will remedy this.

I have a packaged price for a power of attorney and simple Will.  I can also prepare a UK power of attorney for medical needs.

Time is short to get these documents in place as most start work in early to mid January 2019.   Please call or drop me an email if you are interested or pass this article to someone who might be.