Are you a director?

New and compulsory director identification number (director ID) – for all existing and future directors

  • From November 2021, directors need to verify their identity and obtain a director ID from the new Australian Business Registry Services (ABRS).  The ABRS is a new service which brings together the Australian Business Register and other ASIC registers.
  • The purpose of the director ID is threefold (1) prevent false/fraudulent identities, (2) easier to trace directors’ relationships with companies, and (3) prevent unlawful behaviour such as illegal phoenix activity.
  • Applies to all company directors, including directors of trustee companies for trusts and SMSFs.
  • Applies to alternate directors who are acting in that capacity.
  • Existing directors who don’t comply will incur hefty penalties after twelve (12) months ie. 30 November 2022.
  • Directors appointed after 31 October 2021 have 28 days only to apply for the director ID.
  • Directors appointed on or after 5 April 2022 will need their director ID in place before appointment.
  • An individual applies for the director ID once.  It is a unique number to use for any directorships the individual holds.
  • Directors must apply for the ID themselves as they need to have their identity verified.
  • See the Australian Business Registry Services website for more information: